World Robotic Sailing Championship 2011
4th International Robotic Sailing Conference

Welcome to the homepage of the World Robotic Sailing Championship (WRSC 2011), which was held in Lübeck, Germany. We congratulate the winning teams

  • MicroMagic class: University of Lübeck, Team Green
  • SailBot class: United States Naval Acadamy, Gill the Boat
  • Microtransat class: INNOC, ASV Roboat
In the overall world robotic sailing ranking after compensating for boat length, ASV Roboat took first place, with University of Lübeck's Teams Green and Blue placing second and third. Please check the race results for details.


Started as a spin-off from the MicroTransat challenge, WRSC promotes the development of robotic sailboats. A series of competitions test the boats' performance ranging from speed to navigation and endurance.

The accompanying International Robotic Sailing Conference provides an ideal venue to discuss the broad range of scientific problems involved in the design and development of autonomous sailboats.

Partners Universitaet zu Luebeck Fachhochschule Luebeck Hochschulsport Luebeck Hanse trifft Humboldt Lübecker Yachtclub Sparkassenstiftung Bauhaus Nautic Zippendorfer Bäcker St. Petri zu Lübeck famila